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Mechanical Works During the 2017 Eleusis Refinery General turn around




Elefsis Industrial Complex


1.500.00 € ($ 1.800.000)



Mechanical Works and heat exchanger maintenance During the 2017 Eleusis Refinery General turn around

The Elefsis Refinery General Shut Down took place at July – September 2017 due to unexpected equipment damage. Practically there was no time for previous organization and programing of the technical personnel, equipment, and materials. The majority of the works was made during summer time with extreme temperatures and heat waves. The project was carried having SAFETY as a number one priority

    Project Overview:
  • The mechanical isolation of refinery units mostly at units battery limits (spectacle blinds and stub out installation from 1 ½” to 24”
  • The mechanical isolation of equipment(Towers, Vessels, Reactors, Heat Exchangers)
  • Replacement and maintenance of various type (check, gate, mov) and size of valves (1/2” to 36”)
  • Maintenance of 22 heat exchangers and 7 aircoolers at Unit 32 using our 25TN fully automated self owned bundle extractor
  • Construction and erection of piping of various diameters (1/2” up to 24”) and various metals (CS, SS, P9, P11, P20)
  • Full QA/QC throughout the whole construction and erection procedure
  • Full technical folder submission according to international standards (hydraulic test packages, as built drawings, WIRs, WPQs, PQRs)
  • The project was started in mid July and ended in mid September.
  • Over 200 persons (includes Engineers, foremen, qualified fitters, welders, crane operators, scaffolding technicians, insulation install technicians, specialized helpers) were occupied throughout the project duration
  • 3 large telescopic cranes > 80TN
  • 3 large mobile cranes up to 25TN
  • 1 Self owned heat exchanger bundle extractor 25TN
  • Various secondary vehicles such as lorry trucks, pick ups etc.